Tired of cooking the same boring, flavorless meals all the time?

ūüôčūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ What if you could cook food you love, quickly & easily?

ūüôą How about never messing up another dinner ever again?

‚ú® How about developing spot-on flavor instinct & skills?

Better tasting food in less time.

Do you tell yourself that cooking is complicated, and that only people who are "naturally good cooks" are destined to feel confident and creative in the kitchen?


This is a lie. 


Here's the truth: There are only a few simple skills necessary 

to make an unlimited variety of flavorful meals.


And they'll save you a ton of time, too.

  • Stop¬†wasting time and money on making dinners that don't taste good.

  • Go from flavor FAILS to FLAVORFUL, like you're at a¬†restaurant.

  • Master intuitive cooking¬†and throw together tasty¬†meals with what you've already got.

  • Escape your boring food rut by making¬†a variety of creative¬†meals.

The Key to Making Better Food in Less Time:


After teaching hundreds of students who struggled in the kitchen, I developed a formula that solved their two most frustrating problems:


Flavorless meals + lack of time to cook.


The Flavor Factors System, the system I teach inside of the Fearless Cooking Club, will help you become an intuitive cook who can throw together a meal with whatever you have on hand. Create perfectly balanced flavor in every single meal, and spend less time in the kitchen. 


The goal is simple: 


Better food. Less time.

Look what I made! Cooking is so fast now! Everything tastes so so good and I'm actually spending less time making dinner¬†at the end of the day. I actually have time to relax after dinner now. ūüéČ

Aubrey I.

Fort Collins, CO

The Flavor Factors System will give you:

  • Roadmap to Perfect Flavor

    Know exactly how to create maximum flavor in every meal, experiment with new flavors, and fix flavor balance problems in any dish.

  • 5-Skill Formula for Instant Intuition

    Learn the 5-skill formula that will have you creating a variety of flavorful foods and feeling like a chef in your own kitchen.

  • Time-Saving Game Plan

    Dramatically reduce the amount of time and energy you spend cooking on weeknights while maximizing the quality of your cooking.

  • Effortless Throw-Together Playbook

    Throw together epic meals with whatever you've already got in your fridge and pantry, cooking with rock-solid confidence and skill. 

You don't need years of experience to make exciting food at home.  You can create incredible flavor in every dish you cook, in less time, starting right now.


Once you learn these basic techniques ‚ÄĒ which are easy enough for highschoolers to master¬†‚ÄĒ your cooking confidence will go up by 1000x... and so will your excitement to eat what you're making.

The Fearless Cooking Club is the only place to learn the Flavor Factors System.

The Fearless Cooking Club (FCC for short) is the online cooking school that will teach you epic cooking skills right at home, in your own kitchen. You'll make way better food in way less time.


With easy-to-follow video trainings and colorful cooking charts (that save you from having to remember tons of details) you'll learn to cook quickly and efficiently, with flavor and skill.

  • Less Time¬†Cooking

    Make tasty dinners faster than you ever thought possible

  • Maximum Flavor

    Create epic flavor using healthy ingredients you already have

  • Cook Without A Recipe

    Successfully throw together whatever you've got in the kitchen

  • Healthy, Delicious Food

    Make healthy food that tastes just as delicious as takeout

  • Variety + Creativity

    Cook a better variety of foods with new flavor combinations 

  • Fix Ruined Dishes

    Learn to correct your mess-ups quickly and easily

"Stephanie has done more than provide our family real, delicious nourishing food, she’s been an encourager and informant along the way. I’ve mustered up the courage to try baking breads and international foods, try my hand at new(-to-me) techniques, and have found my own creative joy in the kitchen.

Sarah A.

Newark, NJ

"Stephanie was the one who inspired me to cook, and convinced me that it is something that anyone can do, even myself. Because of her, I feel confident in my kitchen, whether it’s making something I already know or trying out a completely new recipe."

Ben D.J.

San Francisco, CA

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

I'll teach you the cheffy skills that restaurants use to make food taste so good in almost ZERO time. 

And guess what? They're all super easy.

Epic Flavor & Creativity

Maximize flavor using simple ingredients. Feel creative and confident with new flavor combinations.

Cook Quickly & Easily

Learn to cook quickly + efficiently. De-stress your kitchen and cook with zen-like flow.

Super Simple Sauces

Great sauces turn every dish into a flavor celebration. Add lots more variety to your cooking.

Super Fast Knife Skills

Wield your knife like a chef, so you waste less time chopping. (And keep your digits in tact!)

Pro-level Seasoning

Banish BLAND food forever. Learn to combine spices for perfect flavor balance every single time you cook.

Delicious Veggies

Cook veggies the right way so you LOVE them. No more bland, bitter, or soggy vegetables.

Perfect Proteins

Learn the secrets to tender meat and perfect eggs. No more undercooked or overcooked meat!

Mega Salads

Learn to love salad. Make every salad exciting and satisfying, with an explosion of flavor in every savory bite.

How you'll learn quickly:

All lessons are designed to be fast and easy to follow. Get exactly what you need to know without wasting time.

  • Video trainings

    Short, to-the-point videos that show you exactly what you need to know.

  • Cooking charts & cheat sheets

    Printable & digital cooking cheat sheets so you don't have to remember anything!

  • Your cooking questions, answered

    Your membership comes with cooking support so you can ask questions when you get stuck.

A common sense approach to teaching people to cook! The lessons are presented in a knowledgable step-by-step way. I feel like I have learned so many important things, so cooking is a lot faster now. After just a few weeks I have a sense of accomplishment and feel ready to try new ideas and recipes!

Fran J., Ft Mill SC

Meet your chef instructor: 

Stephanie Stiavetti

A 15-year culinary veteran who's cooked all over the world.

I'm Steph. After 15 years of professional cooking, I've developed a system that will teach you the cheffy secrets behind making flavorful food at home, in less time. 


When it came to cooking at home, I was so tired of making the same meals week after week... and the frustration of seeing my husband roll his eyes and ask, "This, AGAIN?"


But I didn't want to sink more time into making dinner. I wanted my meals to taste just as good as I'd enjoyed in restaurants, only cheaper and easier. 


So I started talking to my cooking students and it turned out they had the same problem. One woman told me that after spending over an hour a night cooking dinner, her kids flat-out refused to eat her dinners because they didn't taste good. 


Another was embarrassed because she kept preparing food no one likes to eat. She worked for hours on dishes only to realize they were either under cooked or overcooked, so her husband kept asking to order pizza.


They wanted to become everyday ninja home cooks, who had the skills to make a variety of creative dishes with maximum flavor... and not spend more time in the kitchen.


That's why I developed the Flavor Factors System, a series of skills and techniques that will transform the way you cook at home. 


Better food. Less time.

Here's what students have to say:

I love that the lessons are broken up into bite-sized pieces. When combined with all the cheat sheets and charts, it's made me a much better, faster cook. And as a person who likes to get to the point, I appreciate how precise and thoughtful everything is.

Alena F.

San Jose, CA

The FCC cooking lessons are super friendly. They showed me how to cook faster and have really helped to bring more flavor into my cooking. I really like the quick clips that I can jump between when I'm looking for specific information.

Spruce P.

Orlando, FL

OMG! I am in love with the cheat sheets. They answer the questions I always have but never even knew to ask. My absolute favorite are the dressing sheet and the compound butter sheet!!! They are like 100 dishes on one page. They make cooking so easy.

Mia M.

Boston, MA

Is this Course Right for You?

The Fearless Cooking Club was designed for both beginner cooks with no experience,

AND more advanced cooks who have been cooking for years.


Easy videos make information super clear.

Step-by-step instructions and worksheets.

Build a solid foundation of basic skills‚Äč‚Äč.


Pro-level techniques most cooks don't know.

Cooking charts = 100 recipes on one page.

Learn the cheffy secrets of the best chefs‚Äč‚Äč.

Questions About Special Diets?

How does the Fearless Cooking Club accommodate different diets and lifestyles? 


Because the trainings are based on building skills and techniques, the vast majority of lessons are useful by literally anyone who cooks.


We're serious about respecting people's dietary choices. Printed resources that include both veg* and animal products are divided by diet type, and are clearly marked to show which items are vegetarian and/or vegan.


While there are lessons within the FCC that are related to meat and animal products, the techniques in the trainings are designed to work across many different ingredients and proteins.

Keto/Paleo/Low Carb?

The lessons in the FCC are useful across every kind of ingredient.


Some recipes will include sugar or starch, such as in the pasta module, but we've included details that allow you to make smart substitutions.


For example, the pasta module contain modifications for zoodles. There's also an entire spiralized veggie chart that explains the best way to use veg-based noodles in many different ways. 

Food Allergies?

The overwhelming majority of lessons within the Fearless Cooking Club focus on skill-building. The techniques and methods are allergy-friendly because they work across a huge number of ingredients.


Any recipes or trainings that involve a potential food allergy can be easily substituted to suit your needs. Where appropriate, substitutions are noted within the lessons and recipes.


I've found Steph’s approach to cooking combines a strong flavor component with delicious recipes. It's quite refreshing. I’ve been told I’m a pretty good cook, which has definitely changed for the better since finding Steph. Now when I’m cooking, the recipes are more healthy, and oriented to dietary issues and provide greater opportunities for meaningful conversations. In my opinion, more men should should take advantage of her overall approach cooking.

Rick C.

British Columbia, Canada

Pick your plan

With two plans to choose  from, you'll get the exact amount of training and support you need.

Fearless Cooking Club Core Trainings

Learn to cook better food in less time with the Fearless Cooking Club core training library. You'll get lifetime access to all videos, charts, cooking cheat sheets, and all future FCC program updates.

  • Video cooking trainings so you can learn whenever, wherever you want

  • Cooking charts and printables in every module so you don't need to remember the little details

  • Exclusive Q&A sessions with pro chefs so you can get your cooking questions answered

  • LIFETIME ACCESS so you can revisit the trainings as many times as you like

  • Bonus: Free set of printed cheat sheets (US shipping only)

$197 one-time payment

Fearless Cooking Club VIP Lessons

I'll personally help you develop your cooking skills and develop chef-level instinct. You'll get three 1-hour personal cooking lessons with me via videoconference, plus lifetime access to the core training library.

  • Me personally helping you on the exact things you want to improve

  • My eyes on your cooking, telling you exactly what to do and how to do it ‚ÄĒ no guesswork!

  • Personal feedback on your technique, instant details on how to work faster and more efficiently

  • Maximize and balance flavors for your personal taste, learn to fix what doesn't work¬†in the moment

  • Personalized¬†knife skills feedback so you spend less time¬†chopping and prepping

  • Feedback on how to organize YOUR kitchen¬†to work quickly with zero stress

$997 one-time payment

I'm an experienced home cook but I still learn a lot here. I especially liked the modules on how to increase flavor and the one on how to improve your sense of taste. I know when things taste good, but not how to find and fix specific flavors. Stephanie gives exercises and examples to help one improve all parts of your cooking. The cheats sheets are a super useful resource as well.

Catherine E., Sacramento CA



If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Fearless Cooking Club, just let us know within seven days and we’ll refund your membership fee. No drama, no hassle. Just contact us via our support page and we’ll get you taken care of.

  • Try it for seven days. If you're not satisfied, we'll give your money back.¬†

  • World-class customer support. We've totally got your back.

Have a question?¬†Email Fearless Fresh support¬†and we'll get it answered.‚Äč

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